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FlightPower 40A, 60A, 80A LiPo Brushless ESCs with BEC
FPWM0230, FPWM0234, FPWM0238 Governor Function

Posted: October 25, 2010

FlightPower's 40A, 60A, and 80A ESCs include a governor function for use with model helicopters to maintain constant rotational speed of the rotor head, irrespective of the load on the motor (pitch setting). To activate the governor function:

  • The factory default mode for the governor function is OFF. Throttle control will be normal when the governor function is not active. Before activating the governor function, please check the settings of the transmitter's throttle curve to make ensure safe operation once the governor mode is turned on. NOTE: The ESC's governor function should be controlled by a switch or as a flight mode in the transmitter.

  • The governor function can be turned ON by using FlightPower's Programming Card (FPWM0280) or USB Link (FPWM0281).

  • It's also possible to achieve a governor effect without using a Programming Card or USB Link by setting a helicopter transmitter's throttle curve with a flight mode having the same percent at each point in the curve. For example:

    Point 1: 60%
    Point 2: 60%
    Point 3: 60%
    Point 4: 60%
    Point 5: 60%

  • Make sure to test your settings before attempting to fly the helicopter. When governor mode is activated, the motor will run at a fixed RPM, no matter what changes you make to the throttle stick. Only the pitch will change. If you feel the RPM (head speed) of the main rotor is too low, you can change your throttle curve and increase each point value. If main rotor head speed is too fast, you can decrease each point value.

  • The rate of RPM change while the governor function is activated is as follows:
    1. At start-up (rotor is spooling up), the RPM acceleration rate from 0-100% is 6 seconds.
    2. After start-up, the RPM acceleration rate from 0-100% is 3 seconds.

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